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Triple Tags

Page history last edited by Andy Mabbett 11 years, 1 month ago

Triple tags (called "machine tags" on Flickr and in some other places) are a way of tagging web content with tags having three parts: a namespace, a predicate and a value. For example:




They can be combined with hashtags:




See Andy Mabbett's blog post about using Triple tags on Twitter.




  • Not all parsers recognise triple tags (yet)
  • Triple tags can be long (the above example is 32 characters)
  • Long triple tags may exceeed the string-length allowed by Twitter's search API. This is being investigated.


Triple-tag references to Twitter posts


Triple tags can also be used elsewhere, to refer to Twitter posts, or posters, see Triple-tag references to Twitter posts. Example:



Comments (3)

Stowe Boyd said

at 4:10 am on Jun 8, 2009

Could we get a short description of what they do/mean/represent?

Andy Mabbett said

at 4:27 am on Jun 8, 2009

Added links in lede. Had to steal your "lock". PBWiki said you hadn't edited for over 5 mins. Hope that's OK.

DennisStevenson said

at 9:11 am on Jun 16, 2009

Looks like some sort of Context/Named Pair construct???

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