Snowball Tweets


Martin Lindner (@martinlindner - german, @jurijmlotman - english)


In 140 characters:

There should be some feedback to the twitterer that gave impetus for a new tweet, where this relation neither has the form of RT nor of "answer".



Much value of Twitter lies is in chain reactions and snowball effects. Besides RT and @-answering we have quite often the more subtle case of something like "this tweet has been somehow inspired by that tweet" or "this tweet is carrying further an impetus from that tweet".


There should be a syntax to mark this relationship, because it would provide valuable feedback to the twitterer who has been the originator of this snowball effect.


The syntax should go back to an intuitive, human-readable semantic root. I have no solution for this yet. ("snowball"? "on tweet"?)


I'm sure this kind of subtle feedback would further intensify the networked dynamic of tweet casacades and thus the "crowdsourcing" energy of the twittersphere as a whole.