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Guillaume Lebleu


In 140 characters:

RTip combines a RT and a gift of currency (virtual or hard).




The RT is the currency of appreciation on Twitter, but it does not allow users to reward the users they retweet with government-issued or virtual currency. To do so, users have to rely on third-party services such as TipJoy, WikiWikiMoney, Twitpay or Twollars, which can track their RTips on Twitter and process transaction accordingly.


Details and Use Cases:


Giving currency to a Twitter user as part of a RT:


RTip [amount][currency-code] @[username] ...  or RTip [currency-code][amount] @[username]

or more simply

RT [amount][currency-code] @[username] ...  or RT [currency-code][amount] @[username]


Currency codes defined:

  • $ (USD)
  • Tw (Twollars)




RTip $2 @giyom for...

RTip 2Tw @giyom for...

RT $2 @giyom for...

RT 2Tw @giyom for...



Comments on Application Integration


Users must make sure that they are not using two different payment managers for the same currency, otherwise a transaction may be duplicated. This problem hasn't surfaced so far because Tipjoy and Twitpay use different syntaxes and Twollars/Wikiwikimoney currently do not deal with government-issued currency. This is also not a problem if all payments in a given currency are always available to all payment managers (this isn't the case for USDs; it has been the case for Twollars thus far but is no longer the case since the API).





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