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Chris Messina


In 140 characters:

Mentions serve as the way people refer or talk to one another.



Ben Ward wrote up the issue with mentions and proposed using "at at" or @@. Will Norris also researched Twitter's modified @replies behavior which has lead to this convention.



Various proposals have been advanced and spotted in the wild, including:

  • @@username
  • ~@username
  • .@username

Comments (1)

Steven Lehrburger said

at 9:12 am on Aug 3, 2009

Despite Ben Ward's compelling argument for the @@username syntax, it appears that Twitter does not actually treat these as mentions - they will show up as regular tweets that all of your followers will see in your timeline, but not as mentions for the target user. The .@username, ~@username and :@username alternatives all seem to work fine though.

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