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Guillemets for continuations

Page history last edited by Daffadillies 10 years, 8 months ago

My proposal is in responce to the proposal that we use '...' to denote that a tweet will continue in the next tweet or is continuing from a previous one. The problem with this, however, is that ellipsis is used for other reasons too, so it may be present even when a tweet isn't to be continued.


So I suggest we use Guillemets to denote continuation. By ending a tweet in '>>' it will show that it is to be continued without confusion, and it saves an extra character which is all good. Tweets than continue on from a previous tweet will then open with '<<'.


Another idea I have is that, if tweeting the opening of a blog post, for example, then linking to the full text we use '>>/' to show that it's to be continued and that it's continued outside of twitter. This is less necessary but I believe the basic idea of using '>>' and '<<' has potential.

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